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Extreme Granite and Marble - Granite and Marble and Quartz Countertops Installation Fabrication and Design Services

Trust an experienced installation crew

Your new granite or marble tops will be quickly installed by our professionals and handled with the utmost care. Your needs during the process will always be happily catered to.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing That You Hired the Best

It’s true: you could do installation yourself, but why not trust professionals to do the work for you at an affordable rate? You’ll relax knowing that your install was done expertly, and you can just sit back and enjoy your new interior look.
Extreme Granite and Marble - Granite Countertops West Bloomfield

Have it done in one day!

You’ll love that Extreme Granite & Marble can complete your installation in just one day. Like magic, you’ll have a new granite, marble or quartz product that the whole family can enjoy.
Extreme Granite and Marble - Granite Countertops West Bloomfield

Enjoy an Expert Job

 •  Exact measurement and install

 •  Quickly done so you can enjoy

 •  Quality product

 •  Clean up after installation

 •  Top notch fabrication

Call for your FREE estimate today

When you visit our showroom, your experience is made simple from the start. All you have to do is browse and choose the perfect product and we will do the rest. If you are having trouble choosing, you can utilize our design services.
“I stopped in the showroom, picked out my granite, and they did the rest.” – Bill, Rochester
Professional and affordable installation